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Guest Artist: Elevated Beauty Make-up With Cuan Kemp


Welcome to our online webinar on glam makeup featuring special guest instructor, Cuan Kemp from Kryolan South Africa! In this course, we will dive into the world of glamorous makeup techniques that’s perfect for evening looks, photo shoots and special events.

During this webinar, Cuan will cover a variety of topics such as:Kryolan product knowledge:

-Cuan will share his expertise on Kryolan's products and how to use them to create stunning glam makeup looks.
Skin preparation: Preparing your skin for makeup application is essential in achieving a flawless finish. We will cover the importance of skincare and how to
prep your skin for a glam makeup look.
-Color theory and application: Understanding how colors work together to create a cohesive look is essential in creating a stunning glam makeup look.
Face and eye shape: Understanding your face and eye shape is crucial in creating a makeup look that enhances your features. We will discuss how to identify
your unique facial features and how to apply makeup accordingly.
-Foundation and concealer: Achieving a flawless base is key to any makeup look. We will cover the different types of foundations and concealers and how to
apply them for a flawless finish.
-Eye makeup: Eyes are the focal point of any glam makeup look. We will explore different eyeshadow techniques, eyeliner application, and false lash
application to create a stunning eye look.
-Contouring and highlighting: Cuan will share his expertise on contouring and highlighting techniques to create a defined and sculpted face

This webinar is suitable for makeup enthusiasts, aspiring makeup artists, and professional makeup artists who want to enhance their skills in creating glamorous makeup looks.

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