How to

Beach Break - Look 1

Step 1Ultra Underbase preps the skin. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g is liquified with Make-up Blend 14 ml and applied under the eyes in areas in need of correction. Ultra Foundation 15 g is then buffed in as a base. Dermacolor Light Setting Powder Matt sets the application and is dusted off. The brows are defined with Eyebrow Powder (medium) and Eyebrow Powder (dark) and then Eyebrow Forming Gel is brushed through the hairs and left to set.
Step 2To achieve the sun-faded berry hue of a muted purple a blend of two Supracolor are layered onto the cheeks for the perfect blush. Supracolor 8 ml (R 21) is first concentrated onto the apple of the cheeks and blended back along the cheekbone for a soft fade of color. The application is diffused around the edges of the application on the apples creating a gentle gradient. Supracolor 8 ml (R 21) is also buffed over the eyelids.
Step 3The second Supracolor is then layered on top of the application. Supracolor 8 ml (079) is then gradually introduced using the Unicorn Perfecter Sponge. The color is gently rolled and blended into the cheek with a higher impression of color focused onto the apple of the cheeks. Once complete the application is then set using Dermacolor Light Setting Powder Matt resulting in a directed matt finish.

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