How to

Beach Break - Look 11

Step 1Lip Care Balm is first applied for hydration. Following this the top and bottom lip are carefully lined using Faceliner (37). The lip liner is drawn over several times in order to build up the product for a heavy application of the colored pencil, paying attention to the details of the trend’s instruction.
Step 2Following this, Faceliner (37) is drawn in several layers over the entire lips, both top and bottom. Once the color pencil has achieved a dense and opaque visual effect the surface is then smoothed. A couple of drops of Make-up Blend 30 ml are used on a blending brush and carefully swept across the lips. The Make-up Blend 30 ml melts the top layer of the Faceliner and creates a smoother application.
Step 3To create a different impression of the wet look lip that is key for this season lip details, Glycerin 100 ml is used in combination for a droplet effect. Glycerine is mixed with a little High Gloss (crystal rose), then with a fine tipped brush, the highly reflective fluid is placed onto the lips in tiny dots. This gives the impression of speckled dew, as if sprayed by the crashing waves of beach surf.

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