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Beauty Glam - Look 4

A sophisticated glamour is the undeniable essence of this look. Traditional style with a contemporary color influence adds an aura of intrigue. The eyes, emblazon with the classic smokey styling, are rich with warm tones and correlative highlights. The synergy of iridescent and matt pigments strikes the perfect balance in this breathtaking make-up. The brows are soft but groomed framing the focus of this signature look. The skin is luxurious with golden highlights and radiant complexion. The lips complement the cheeks in dusky pink with a hint of gloss that softens the focus. A modern approach to a classic style.
Step 1Shimmering Event Foundation (gold) is buffed into the high points of the bone structure with high concentration on the cheekbones. TV Paint Stick is then applied as base and respective shades are selected for a natural highlight and contour. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g is layered in the T-zone and underneath the eyes for a brightening effect. Dual Finish Palette 6 Colors (Modelling) is used to set the application and intensify the contour. Glamour Glow (natural tan) is then buffed on the cheekbones.
Step 2Satin Powder 3 g (SP 244) is applied over the eye lid and underneath the bottom lash line. From the Eye Shadow Variety 18 Colors (V 6) ‘RB62’ is buffed into the socket line and underneath the bottom lashes, ‘SA131’ is applied to deepen the contour at the outer corners. From the same palette ‘Rose Quartz’ is placed in the inner corners of the eye to highlight. A touch of Eye Shadow Matt (deep black) is pressed in the lash line. Dermacolor Light Mascara is layered, Eyebrow Powder and Eyebrow Forming Gel define the brows.
Step 3Faceliner (34) is used, first alone, to define the lip line. Then the tip is softened with Make-up Blend 30 ml and drawn all over to fill the lips. Lip Stain (gospel) is then pressed in layers over the top and bottom lip for a full coverage finish.
This is followed by a coating of High Gloss (illusion), adding a rich, high shine finish. Dual Finish Palette 6 Colors (Modelling) in complementary shades is then applied to perfect the skin, intensify contour and control shine where needed.

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