How to

Bitten lip

This very simple tutorial helps you to make up the effect in no time. You will mainly need different colors of Bruise Cream and Fresh Scratch. That’s it. Let’s go…
The face should be cleaned and freed of any product. Use the Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml for any access removal.
Step 1
Apply Bruise Cream (bruise) with a fine brush to make the corner of the lip look sore.
Step 2
To add depth to the bruise, apply Bruise Cream (gore) to the same area as in Step 1.
Step 3
Now, it’s all about creating a swollen effect. For this, apply the Bruise Cream (bile). Apply it to the corner of the lip.
Step 4
Apply Fresh Scratch 50 ml (dark) in a vertical line to the bruise using a Make-up Mixing Spatula. In the end, the lip should appear split.