How to

Chatelaine XL fingernails

These extraordinary red fingernails have the potential to become legendary! Recreate them easily with Body Jewels in Red and different Aquacolor shades
Due to the nature of Aquacolor, no primer or skin preparation is required.
Step 1
Lavishly embellish each nail with Body Jewels (red) and other red jewels/stones.
Step 2
Now mix Aquacolor 8 ml (080) with water until it reaches a creamy texture. Use synthetic brushes to apply the color to the model's hand and arm. To achieve a smooth gradient between the color and the natural skin, blend out Aquacolor halfway up the arm.
Step 3
To create contrast in the gradient, Aquacolor 8 ml (lake altrot) is now applied to the fingertips all the way to the model's wrist. Make sure that the color 080 still shows through slightly.
Step 4
The next step is to apply Aquacolor 8 ml (071) to each finger and then blend it onto the hand.
Step 5
Mix True Nature Glitter (red) and Polyester Glimmer coarse (bright red) in both fine and medium particles to create a size and color gradient. This mixture is placed on a soft powder brush and dusted over the Aquacolor paints. Then everything is fixed with Fixing Spray 400 ml.
Step 6
Using Pros-Aide - The Original - 50 ml, the last step is to apply Body Jewels in red in various sizes individually and in random clusters to the fingers, hands, and arms.

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