How to

Glam Wound with Metallic Flakes and True Nature Glitter

Our Pro Team shows you how to create an Artex wound. But it's not just A wound—it's actually a glammed up wound with Metallic Flakes and True Nature Glitter. Let's get glamorous.
To make the skin look flawless before applying the effects make-up, apply Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation.
Step 1
Mix the same amount of Artex of components A and B on a Make-up Blending Plate. Make sure to use different Make-up Mixing Spatula to pick up the individual components, so they do not harden in their pot. Apply the mixture to the desired area, working the edges slightly higher to create a seamless bond with the skin. While the Artex is still wet, use the Make-up Mixing Spatula to create a trough in the center of the application to add depth to the wound.
Step 2
Once cured, stipple Perfect Matt over the application with a soft brush. This helps to remove any unwanted shine from the silicone.
Step 3
To color the wound and the surrounding area, apply shade 080 of the Body Illustration Make-up Color Set 18 Colors (FX) mixed with BIC Activator and a Rubber Pore Sponge. The mixture should be dabbed on with this. Afterward, a fine brush helps to color the inner area of the Artex wound, thus adding depth to the wound.
Step 4
Mix Metallic Flakes (gold) with Multi Gel Primer 10 ml and apply the mixture to the wound with a brush.
Step 5
Apply True Nature Glitter (red) around the edges of the wound. Use Hydro Spirit Gum 12 ml and a small brush for this. This imitates depth and the effect of blood.
Step 6
Use a Rubber Pore Sponge to dab on Supreme Blood External 50 ml (dark) in this step. Apply the product around the wound, concentrating on the edges.
Step 7
Use a Make-up Blending Plate to apply a larger amount of Supreme Blood External in Dark to the edge of the wound and let it drop out naturally.

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