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Are you good at contouring? Then this look challenges all your skills. We'll show you how to create this great witch make-up look especially suitable for Halloween.
The skin should be cleansed entirely before applying the make-up. You can use Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml for this.
Step 1
The second step is to cover the eyebrows with Eyebrow Plastic. Use a Make-up Mixing Spatula and apply Eyebrow Plastic first in the opposite direction and then in the order of hair growth. Smooth the surface with your fingers.
Step 2
Apply Hydro Spirit Gum 12 ml to the brows covered with Eyebrow Plastic.
Step 3
Powder the covered brows with Translucent Powder 60 g (TL 1).
Step 4
In this step, a slightly lighter color than skin tone from the Supracolor Palette 12 Colors (TT) is spread over the entire face.
Step 5
Now, the eye area is highlighted. Use a very light tone from the same palette for this.
Step 6
Draw fine aging lines with darker shades from the Supracolor Palette 12 Colors (TT) and blend them with a dry brush or sponge.
Step 7
Deepen the painted wrinkles with darker shades.
Step 8
Continue to use the Supracolors to add contour and highlight to the lips to accentuate the lines and add more of an ageing effect.
Step 9
Once you are satisfied with the result of the drawn contours or wrinkles, set the whole make-up with Translucent Powder 60 g (TL 1).
Step 10
Accentuate the eyelids and the area under the eyes with Eye Shadow Variety 18 Colors (V 3) in Charcoal. To add depth to the eyes, apply HD Cream Liner (ebony) to the lower water and lash lines.
Step 11
Now, the lips are first painted in a lighter shade of Supracolor than the skin tone. Then paint the inside with Supracolor 8 ml (lake altrot).
Step 12
Using HD Cream Liner (ebony) draw a small beauty mark near the upper lip.
Step 13
Untie the model's hair and backcomb it for a tangled effect.

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