How to

Wound created with coloring vision

Scratch make-up made easy. You can imitate this wound in just a few steps with the different red tones of the Coloring Vision Palette in Vivid.
The skin should be cleansed and freed from any products. Use Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml to remove impurities and oils.
Step 1
In this first step, Coloring Vision Palette 18 Colors (Vivid) is your essential product. With the help of a Make-up Mixing Spatula, apply the color 079 to a Make-up Blending Plate and then apply it to one side of the face like a scratch wound. Use a firm, synthetic brush for this. Make sure the end of each line is pointed while the width of the lines varies in thickness, following the contours of the face.
Step 2
Next, use color 081 from the same palette. With this slightly darker red, draw about half of the right side of the wounds you drew in step 1. This creates depth. The tips of each scratch mark should fade out finely, so a firm, synthetic brush should be used. This makes it easier to draw sharp lines.
Step 3
For even more depth, use 071 of the Coloring Vision Palette 18 Colors (Vivid) and apply the color to the very edge of the sides to give the scratch marks a three-dimensional effect. Use the Blue Master Under Eye Buffer for this.
Step 4
Use a firm, fine brush and paint the edges of the three scratch marks using Supracolor 8 ml (071).
Step 5
To set the previous make-up, apply Translucent Powder 60 g (TL 1) using the Blue Master Buffing Brush. Press the brush firmly onto the applied colors and roll from side to side to ensure that the powder is well absorbed.
Step 6
To highlight the areas around each wound, apply Supracolor 8 ml (070) in between and around the scratches. To do this, use a synthetic brush like the Blue Master Under Eye Buffer. This will ensure soft transitions between the skin and the scratches and create a slightly puffy effect.
Step 7
Now 079 from the Coloring Vision Palette 18 Colors (Vivid) comes into play again. This is used to blend lightly around the three scratches to give them more dimension and to enhance the impression of sore skin and swelling.
Step 8
In the last step, the entire make-up is fixed with Translucent Powder 60 g (TL 1) and a Premium Powder Puff Pink 10 cm in pink.

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