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Silicone MF is a 2-component impression material that allows taking especially realistic and accurate impressions. It is intended for direct application on the skin. Silicone MF enables taking outstanding, extremely accurate impressions from faces and from other parts of the body. The hair must be covered before starting to take the impression. Scalp hair must be covered by a bald cap, if necessary body hair must be removed. Cover eyebrows generously with make-up remover. Cover eyelashes with enough plastic film to protect them, or use generous amounts of make-up remover. For taking a facial impression, the first step is to prepare 100 g of the 2-component material by mixing it in a disposable cup. Then use a disposable brush to apply the material, with strokes in an upward direction. Repeat this procedure twice, until the required thickness of the impression is reached. If the consistency of the material is too thin for the required procedure, then thicken Silicone MF by adding Kryosil. The next step is to reinforce the silicone impression with Plaster Bandages. After the Silicone MF has hardened sufficiently, then carefully remove the impression from the model. Silicone MF is a very rugged material and can be used many times to produce plaster positives.

Mixing ratio A:B (in g): 9:1
Pot Life (minutes): 6
Curing Time (minutes): 30
Shore Hardness: A24
Appearance: cloudy translucent
Ultimate Elongation (%): 365
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